A brief explanation given by the Addis Ababa administration regarding the color of buildings!
To make Addis Ababa look like its name beautiful and have a look that fits the international standard is to apply a process that determines the height and colors of buildings.
As it is known, the color of our city’s buildings has been painted in a way that is not only made the city look flat and crooked, but the design of buildings that are built has greatly affected the image of our city.
Therefore, in order to solve this problem, the Addis Ababa city administration has taken experience from many international and African cities to study the brand that suits our city and presented it for discussion.
Therefore, by doing a detailed study by many experts in the field, 13 colors that suit the city have been identified.
According to this, as it is done in other countries, the owners of the building have the right to pick and use whatever they choose from the colors chosen for the city. This process has been started as a trial stage in some sub-cities.
The chosen colors are as follows:-