Mayor Adanech Abebe, Federal Supreme Court President Mr. Birhanemeskel Wagari, judges, lawyers, judiciary professionals including land and court temporary restrictions. A discussion was held in the presence of participants about the findings of the study and solution ideas that could help develop the research.
Instead of just raising cases and debating all the time, it would be better if we could develop a solution by conducting research that helps improve land management permanently, said the mayor said that we are ready to accept ideas and implement solutions from the research and discussion.
According to the study, they have emphasized that the violation of our limited resources is being taken by the court to prevent the development of our limited resources. They have emphasized that it will be our first priority to identify the violations in the short, medium and long term. ።. . ።. ።. . # ።. # ።
The mayor said that it is important that we have taken administrative measures against 460 land affairs professionals who have committed violations of the law. The mayor also emphasized that we should ensure accountability only by law and finding sustainable solutions should be the priority of all stakeholders.
Mayor Adanech who said that the discussion should continue with a permanent stage
Mayor Adanech who said we should have a real accountability with all of us said that if we make a golden law we need to implement it so that it doesn’t lose its aim
Mayor Adanech said that the people gave us all a chance. We can’t come to this solution by leaving the people alone. We have to involve the people. There should be a process where he can contribute.
In the discussion, the road projects that are being built in our city, the projects that the city administration was going to do in the financial year, the development of affordable houses and people centered development works have been interrupted by the court due to temporary prohibition and it has been said that an urgent solution should be given.
The participants of the discussion pointed out that there should be a coordinated process between institutions to provide immediate solutions including the courts and to solve the problems that do not follow the legal process.