• What are the activities of the Mayor’s office?Open or Close

    We offer 100 percent quality services to residents, institutions, mass organizations and in general the society by offering timely information based on the request of the client and redirect them to the organs of the office which in turn will render the required information and service.

  • How can I submit my complaints to the office?Open or Close

    Our office always welcomes the complaints and grievance of our citizens and institutions with dedicated directorate of public complaint and appeals ready to serve your questions and address them immediately.

  • Where do I address my problems as a diaspora?Open or Close

    Well, as a member diaspora, we have the directorate of public and international relations which will address all your questions and problems with a service standard time of 24 hours and an inquiry of 3 times.

  • How can I organize an event in the city?Open or Close

    The city government with the directorate of public and international relations directorate will offer city government and other institutions organizing events and protocol services with a service standard time of 87.10 hours and 858 times yearly with the client requesting an official protocol service and participation in the event to be held.

  • Can I get consultancy services?Open or Close

    The answer is yes. We give consultancy services towards issues related to the city government and services with the most experienced and qualified officials in place to serve your inquiries.