Addis Ababa city of peace and togetherness city wide exercise (Mass Sport) was held in Gulele sub city.
Considering the importance of sport in order to create healthy and fit productive citizens, the city administration is organizing physical exercises in all sub-cities every week.
Today in the presence of Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe, a lot of young people, sports families and famous people and artists have participated.
Mayor Mrs. Adanech, who sent a message at this time, said this exercise is a sign of peace, unity and togetherness for the youth of Addis Ababa.
Addis Ababa is not suitable to be divided because of irregularity. It won’t work for this, and it won’t surrender to this! The mayor Mrs. Adanech has said that when you do this, our city is not suitable for lawlessness, her togetherness will continue and her unity will flourish.
Mayor Mrs. Adanech said that our Addis Ababa is as beautiful as its name; we will make it proud worldwide. No one can stop us from this!! We her children are here, we strive and work!! They have said it with a saying.
The physical exercise is taking place in all sub-cities and districts of the city.