Adwa Zero Zero KM Museum Projects

Adwa zero kilometer Museum project is underway in a historic place at the heart of Addis Ababa, pissa. This place where the project is underway is considered as the center of the City as well as the Country. This is also a project where Ethiopians commemorate the victory of Ethiopian forefathers at the battle of Adwa against Mussolini’s Italy which waged unjust war on Ethiopia. Besides, the victory of Adwa is the source of pride for Ethiopians and black people around the globe in general. Therefore, Adwa Zero kilometer project is where Ethiopians will celebrate the victory of their forefathers and pass it to posterity as a sign of strength, valor and Independence. The project site is located at Pissa across the Mayor’s office of Addis Ababa and right next to the statute of Emperor Menilik the second.

Meskel Square Project

This project which is planned to be completed in 8 months time is going as planned encompassing state of the art technologies among many other additions. The Square, alongside the services it normally provides; such as celebration of religious holidays, concerts and other major events now it’s built with the capacity to park more than 1380 cars at a time. The City’s Mega projects management office is committed to complete the project in the time set at the outset. Therefore, the project will address the massive problem in relation to lack of parking spaces observed in the City in addition to serving as a central venue to celebrate religious, entertainment and other public events.

Public Library Project

The public library project which is among the mega projects underway in the City administration is carried out fast, as the problem of lack of such facilities if not curbed fast can probably result in affecting generations to come in terms of access to libraries and similar facilities. This project which is underway with the budget of around 1 billion 115,977,250 will alleviate problems related to access to library to the City’s youth and the ones that languish doing activities that
adversely affects their health and mental faculty. This library which is laid on 1.8 hectares of land accommodates 35000 users with a parking space for 113 automobiles, and also has in built state of the art ICT facilities. The Library is open to use by both local residents and members of the diplomatic community residing in Addis Ababa.

Two General Hospital Building Project

እነዜህ ስራዎች የካቲት 18ቀን 2013 ዓ.ም ተጀምረዋል። በንፋስ ስልክ ላፍቶ እና ኮልፌ ቀራኒዮ ክፍለ ከተሞች የሚገነቡት ሆስፒታሎቹ እያንዳንዳቸው ከ548 ሚሊዮን ብር በላይ
በጀት እንደተያዘላቸው በማስጀመሪያ ስነ ስርዓቱ ላይ ተመልክቷል። የአጠቃላይ ሆስፒታሎቹ ግንባታም በአንድ ዓመት ተኩል ጊዜ ውስጥ ይጠናቀቃል ተብሏል።
ሆስፒታሎቹ የሪፈራል አገልግሎት የሚሰጡ በመሆናቸው ከክፍለ ከተሞቹ ውጭ ከምዕራብ፣ ከደቡብ ምዕራብ እና ከምስራቅ ኦሮሚያ ለሚመጡ የህብረተሰብ ክፍሎች አገልግሎት ይሰጣሉ። የአካባቢው ማህብረሰብ የሚያነሳው የሆስፒታል አገልግሎት ተደራሽነት ችግር ለመፍታት እና ጥራቱን የጠበቀ የጤና አገልግሎት ለመስጠት ሆስፒታሎቹ ዓይነተኛ ሚና እንደሚወጡ ምክትል ከንቲባዋ ተናግረዋል።
ላለፉት ሰባት ዓመታት የሆስፒታሎቹን ግንባታ በትግእስት ለጠበቀው ህብረተሰብ ክፍል ምስጋና ያቀረቡት ምክትል ከንቲባዋ፣ ማንኛውንም ፕሮጀክት የምንጀምረው ለማጠናቀቅ ነው ብለዋል።በቅርቡ ግንባታቸው በአፋጣኝ ተጠናቆ ለአገልግሎት የበቁት የላፍቶ ገበያ ማዕከል መሰል ስራዎችን እማኝ መሆናቸውን ምክትል ከንቲባዋን ጠቀዋል።