The fertile Ethiopia has given birth to many types, from heroes to traitors, from those who honor the promise he made for his country to the Nile promise.
This country has been betrayed repeatedly by its own children who have made them human, educated and promoted them to traditional positions. The hands that have fed them for years have been bitten. The mother country has been stabbed in the back by her children who drank her milk, left it from her field and ate its fragrance.
Ethiopia in her history has been attacked by her enemies inside and outside who are traitors.
Her heart bleeds as she sees the enemies of the motherland using her children of Nohelelu to achieve their goals through love and thirst for power that they couldn’t achieve in war.
Ethiopia has recently experienced this betrayal of her children. The attempt to hide history by the government in the northern part of the country has been seen.
A mother faced a challenge from her weak children, thousands of her womb shed their blood for her honor, broken their bones; they have given their honorable lives to protect the promise they made to their country.
Ethiopia has given birth to the hopes of a country that will wipe the tears of her children by her traitors.
While a few traitors and greedy people were trying to destroy Ethiopia with her enemies, these heroic children of Ethiopia have been defending their betrayal and destroying their dreams. This is what they have done today.
Heroes like these have put their lives in their bones and blood to make Ethiopia strong. This is what is happening today. This is what will happen in the future.
Because history is a witness that the children who saved our motherland Ethiopia from all the dangers it has faced will never give up their country to traitors and enemies.
Following the betrayal of the terrorist TPLF committed on the national defense force in the north, we have seen that Ethiopia is still holding traitors, heroes, and traitors.
To know if this idea is true, it is enough to show that there are brave Ethiopians like Brigadier General Shambel Beyene in this generation.
Brigadier General Shambel Beyene on Defense Television a few days ago, he said “I am alive, I didn’t die as the enemy wished, I had an injury on my face. Now I have recovered and returned to my job” and he has given good news to Ethiopians Bisrat and has killed his enemies.
“Ethiopian Love” is printed brightly on the front of the General. Most Ethiopians read it with joy when they see the B/General’s perseverance and determination.
It was not easy for Ethiopians to feel happy when they see their child on television.
Apart from condemning the terrorist TPLF coup activists and the media that they have killed Brigadier General Shambel, his distance from the media is “Is the people really martyred?” When he wasted us with the idea of saying “not because of his kindness!
TPLF October 24, 2013 E.C. This brave Ethiopian was on the spot when betrayal was committed on the north side around 4 o’clock.
Brigadier General Shambel Beyene was one of the top military officers who were killed by soldiers when TPLF was investigating this secret betrayal.
Colonel Shambel Beyene was the deputy commander of the 31st division and TPLF gave the responsibility to remove him to the commander of the army and his close friend General John.
General John sends a message to his deputy to come to his office to help him fund the order given. But when he arrived at General John’s office, the one who waited for Brigadier General John in his place was not the commander of the army but a killer soldier.
Brigadier General Shambel was suspicious of some of the situations he saw these days so he took the necessary precautions when he went to the office of his boss. His caution saved himself from the repeated death feast.
When the strong military officer came out of his office wearing the first death that was repeated by TPLF, he had to face the firing of the Tigrian special forces.
The victory of B/J Shambel is not only the betrayal of his comrades, but also the fact that Tigrian special force members are in the situation, the victory of the terrorist group has been repeated to the members of the army that were in the area.
By opening a gunfire from outside and confusing the local terrorist groups, he has also made the surrounding to break the border and his comrades to get out of the surrounding and fight.
He is heroic by breaking the circle and organizing the dispersed army of people but he gets injured on his hands and legs.
The injury did not disperse the army he is leading. He is also a hero who joined the 24th division and brought the army to Eritrea.
A general who is punishing the enemy who ordered the army to be slaughtered after a few days, destroying what can be destroyed, saving what can be destroyed and bringing the remaining force to the Tenben desert with his comrades.
The terrorist TPLF, who is mad at the heroic act of this brave military leader, has not dug a hole to kill Brigadier General Shambel.
TPLF may have thought that it will be consoling for the defeat it has faced.
Ethiopia will always have internal traitors so TPLF has started waiting for the right time to kill the general.
The General who waged war in Afar was leading the war with his heroism, was injured when he was leading the war.
This attack was not able to tie up his wounds and help him with the help of his hand, so it was necessary to move the hero from the military base for treatment.
The country that has been stabbed once or twice in the back has given the right respect and care for the brave man to go abroad for treatment and make him stand heroically in front of his enemies.
He has returned to the northern land of the country which is known as the palm of his hand and promised the people of Ethiopia that he is ready to fight the enemy that is preparing for a second war.
TPLF, which is not equal to fabricating fake news, had fired the general who was not sacked by the consolation news of sacrifice to his supporters and the jails.
This is the last and furthest injury to his face so it was so much stronger than any other injury he had earlier.
He is a true hero. He went abroad and recovered from the injury he suffered on his face and said “I have served my country till now, but now it is enough for me”.
He said he is back to work after recovering from his injury. He is not excited about the time he will go back to his home and spend with his beloved family when he is in the hospital, but about saving his country from the danger he has entered.
This kind of determination is expected only from an Ethiopian hero who loves his country. But the scar printed on his face couldn’t take away his smile. Because the smile of the general will fade away only when the enemy destroys Ethiopia as he thought.
That dream of TPLF has been destroyed by the struggle and sacrifice of Ethiopian children just like the general who is not sowing.
Mom, all this has happened and will be for you.
Glory, gratitude and praise be to the heroic Ethiopians who made Ethiopia strong by their sacrifice, blood and bones!
source:- Walta tv