Historical Places and Statues

Our City Addis Ababa, has many Historical sites and Statues in main squares of the city, Press the link below to checkout the list of these sites together with thier location on google Map, Hope you will be satisfied with what you witness after visiting the sites


In recent Years, Tourists interest towards our city, Addis Ababa has increased greatly. This is because the city has completed the construction and gardening of  new parks. This parks are Andinet (Unity) Park, Sheger Park and  Entoto Park. In addition to this new parks, our city has many more parks to visit, hence if you are in Addis you should stop by and visit this sites and enjoy the refreshing air and natural views

Hotels and Restaurants

Addis Ababa is well equipped to serve Tourists that plans to visit, with hotels ranging from 5 Star to 4 Star. Our City also has renowned hotel brands, such as Sheraton Addis, Intercontinental , Radisson Blu and many more. Please use the the following link to go through available hotels, their location and Help desk telephone lines


Nations History and culture is well preserved and presented in National Museums, Addis Ababa is a home for the National Museum of Ethiopia, in addition, there are other Museums in the city, please visit the link below to know more about museums in Addis Ababa