The training of Addis Ababa city administration higher officials that has been going on for the past six days under the theme “New political vision – New national production” has ended today.
Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe, who gave a concluding message and direction of work, said “Even though we went through challenges, we believe that it is because of understanding that we have been guided by wisdom and scientific methods to reach where we are today.”
Mayor Adanech Abebe who said he is surprised because of the lack of leadership in our country. This is why if he wasn’t led by strategic leadership and perseverance, this change would have repeated itself in a distortion like the others.
Therefore, for this change to continue as an institutionalized, it is necessary to have leadership and perseverance in the institution to keep the change going.
Especially at this time when everyone claims to be a political analyst and gives unreasonable political analysis and votes, so the society needs to be careful not to be taken there.
Mayor Adanech Abebe speaks on solving the people’s grievances, we have identified 90 day plans.
The mayor said that when we do this we are not increasing understanding but because we are human centric our people have to live and pass this season.
Mayor Adanech, who urged the administration to work hard to provide suitable conditions for investment and to make it a destination for tourism, has said that our city will in no way be a destination not a passageway.
At the end of the training, the leaders have visited the garden plant development experience that is being done in the office of the Prime Minister.
#We will make Addis Ababa new and beautiful like its name!!


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