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Addis Ababa’s city administrations latest project Adwa occupies 3.3 hectares of land, the Adwa Center stands as the nation's largest project of its kind. This Museum is poised to serve as a venue for rejuvenating the spirit of Pan-Africanism and as a memorial dedicated to African Victory. Fully funded by the Government of Ethiopia-Addis Ababa City Administration, the museum will house versatile spaces, including the Adwa memorial museum, an amphitheater, libraries, and youth centers. This cutting-edge facility, with an expenditure of 4.6 billion birr by the administration, not only aims to engage the local community but also seeks to attract attention on the international stage.

The Adwa Zero Zero Kilometer project, located near the statue of Ethiopia's Emperor Menelik II and across from the mayor's office in Addis Ababa, symbolizes a collective celebration of ancestral victory. It is meant to be passed down to future generations as a monument of bravery, fortitude, and independence. H.E. Adanech Abiebie, the first female mayor of Addis Ababa, recently underlined that the Adwa Project is more than just an initiative; it is the construction of a living history.

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    Piassa,Addis Ababa