Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the history of Addis Ababa?

    The establishment of Addis Ababa heralded the beginning of a new era in the history of Ethiopia. Emperor Minilik ll, who aspired to create and gradually build a strong and modern Ethiopia, founded his capital on the site occupied by his forebears.

  • Why did Emperor Minilik ll choose Addis Ababa as the capital?

    Emperor Minilik ll and his consort meanwhile were being attracted southwards by the hot springs of Felwuha where they often spent many days, accompanied by their entries court. They chose to make this area of lower elevation their capital in no time.

  • What happened in 1887 regarding Addis Ababa?

    In 1887, Taytu once more left Entoto and settled in her new house above the hot springs and began building the nascent town. All the chefs were offered land around the royal area, and individually, began to build their own dwellings the army loved staying there.

  • Why did Taytu name the area Addis Ababa?

    Taytu was so struck, it is said, by the beauty of the flowing Mimosas (flowing trees with sensitive leaves) in the area where she decided to establish her town, and gave the area the name still intact Addis Ababa (meaning ‘’new flower’’ in Amharic).

  • Why is Addis Ababa called the "New Flower"?

    Addis Ababa was named "New Flower" by Empress Taytu Betul in 1887, inspired by the abundance of beautiful mimosa trees in the area she chose to establish her town. The name reflects the hope for a vibrant and flourishing city.

  • Who founded Addis Ababa?

    Addis Ababa was founded by Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taytu Betul in 1887. Emperor Menelik envisioned a strong and modern Ethiopian capital, while Empress Taytu played a crucial role in choosing the location and overseeing its early development.

  • What is the historical significance of Felwuha (Filwoha)?

    Felwuha, known for its hot springs, played a significant role in the founding of Addis Ababa. Empress Taytu was drawn to the area's beauty and pleasant climate, and she eventually built her house there, marking the beginning of the city's development.

Frequently Asked Questions