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On January 2022, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the driving force behind the project, officially inaugurated the Abrehot Library. This monumental achievement was constructed at a cost exceeding 1.1 billion Birr, spanning an impressive 19,000 square meters, and proudly standing as Ethiopia's largest library. Situated in front of the Ethiopian Parliament Building, Abrehot, meaning 'Enlightenment' in Amharic, symbolizes a significant cultural and educational landmark.

Designed and built within a span of two years, this four-story facility has become the country's premier public library. Boasting 1.5 kilometers of shelves capable of housing 1.4 million books and accommodating up to 3400 users simultaneously. Abrehot is a remarkable addition to Ethiopia's educational infrastructure addressing a critical issue of library accessibility, particularly for the youth in Addis Ababa. Abrehot has swiftly become a bustling center of activity since its inauguration fulfilling its intended purpose, earning appreciation from both visitors and residents alike.

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    Piassa, Addis Ababa